Home Infusion/Pharmacy

Key Features

  • Provides optimum support for pharmacy drugs, home infusion entry, mixing, compounding, label generation and claim submission
  • Real-Time adjudication to PBM's at order entry
  • Creates NCPDP electronic files and other payer specific requirements
  • Real-Time drug interaction checking
  • Real-Time updates and accurate drug and allergy information

The HDMS Pharmacy provides all the needs for Pharmacy drugs, Home Infusion entry, mixing, compounding, label generations and claims submission.

Real-time adjudication to PBMs at the time of order entry, creation of the NCPDP electronic files, and any other payer specific billing requirements.

Real-time during order entry and filling, Drug interaction checking, update and accurate drug and allergy information along with AWP (average wholesale pricing) updated directly using the Medi-Span® and Trissels® data tables and services.