Key Features

  • Automatically Creates Purchase Orders for Low Stock Items
  • Uses Advanced Drop Ship Tools like VendorLink for HDMS
  • Tracks Your Inventory Between Multiple Locations
  • Integrated Microsoft MapPoint® Software Helps Drivers Cut Down Lost Time Between Stops

Real-Time Inventory Means Real-Time Answers

As your business grows, keeping track of your inventory becomes critical to running a profitable operation. The HDMS Inventory and Warehouse module is a real-time fully integrated product tracking tool. It gives you an up to the minute view of all the items you stock for patient sales and rental and assists you in maintaining an efficient warehouse.

More Information for Customer Service

By keeping a real-time inventory, customer service can check the stock level of an item while entering their workorders. This avoids selecting items that are not available or have already been committed to other patients. The benefit to you is less phone calls to the warehouse and less staff time taken physically checking bin levels for commonly sold items.

Ability to Organize Your Stock and Reduce Waste

With inventory information at your fingertips you can determine the items that are sold more frequently and map their location in your warehouse. This helps you to relocate items to reduce the steps taken while filling each order. Bin locations are printed on barcode labels as stock is received. It makes restocking shelves quicker and more orderly.

Make It Easier For Drivers to Schedule Their Deliveries

Your warehouse personnel will see an electronic onscreen listing of workorders that have not been scheduled for delivery. No more hand carried paperwork walked back to the warehouse and manually put in pigeon holes for sorting. They can select the orders for delivery and organize their activities. To streamline the routing, you can use the integrated Microsoft® MapPoint® software to plan your deliveries in the shortest distance possible, saving time and fuel. Delivery tickets and other paper work such as AOB’s, ABN’s are printed and automatically collated for each patient.

Reduced Delivery Errors

Product barcode labeling at the point of receiving means quicker and more accurate gathering for delivery. The warehouse staff sees the same description on the delivery ticket, the shelf label, and the product. Using special two-part serial number stickers, serial numbers for deliveries are recorded quickly by attaching the sticker of the actual item delivered to the signed patient paperwork. These barcoded serial numbers are scanned at the time of delivery confirmation ensuring a complete record of the item’s activity and status. This provides an incredibly cost effective and accurate solution for any size warehouse operation.

Multiple Locations for Your Inventory

Easily track your items and associate them with their location. Provider equipment closets become simply another location in the list. Transfer stock between locations with a few simple screens. When creating an electronic purchase order you can pre-assign the allocation of your items to any of the locations you have identified. This means stock can be received at your primary location and properly routed to predetermined warehouses.