Key Features

  • Simple Wizard Style Makes Entry Easy
  • Built in Point of Sale System integrates with Cash Drawers and Credit Card Reader
  • Check Eligibility as part of the workorder entry process.
  • Assign task to next person to complete workorder if needed

Collecting All the Information

The starting place in HDMS for new order entry is our CSR (Customer Service Representative) module. We can enter new patients and look up existing ones, enter all their related medical documents, handle inventory management, and all the details of an order within a few easy screens. All the important data about the patient, such as a up-to-the-minute patient ledger, integrated document imaging, and organized patient notes are right at your fingertips.

Simple Wizard Style Workorder Entry

This step-by-step process walks the user through each piece of information to be entered. More complete information means your workorders are handled only once and done right the first time. In other systems, the CSR workflow includes navigating between a confusing number of screens and extra keystrokes. Difficult workorder entry means incomplete data requiring a cleanup job afterwards by the billing staff. A better way is to give your customer service representative more information and knowledge about past patient activity and to provide them with a customized set of questions they can answer about the products they are adding to the order.

Inserting Insurances and Checking Eligibility is a Breeze

Adding complete insurance information to the patient’s account is a simple part of the new workorder process. Checking the real-time insurance eligibility is preformed with a single click of a button. With an unlimited number of insurances possible on each account, your CSR can add every detail the first time. Effective and expiration dates for each policy means you get paid on both previously billed and newly created claims without any hassles.

Purchases, Rentals, and Pickups all on the same Workorder

Adding products is quick. When it comes to selecting and adding products, you can scan from a pre-assigned barcode for that product or use our eight-way product search feature to find the product. The items on your preferred list are highlighted in a special color easily recognized by your CSR. Check your inventory level for the product with the click of a button to determine if the item is available for sale. The user is notified with pop-up messages when critical events occur, such as the entry of duplicate patient orders or entering a quantity over a preset limit. The CSR can enter and collect co-pay amounts right in the same workflow.

Drop in your Medical Documents with little effort

Rx’s, CMN’s, and PA’s can be entered right in the same process. This promotes the “handle once” concept and helps to ensure accurate information entry the first time. Documents are attached to each item as needed. Expired documents are highlighted with special colors notifying the user a new document will be required for claim submission. Medical Document management, submission, and return is handled with the same easy-to-use screens.