A/R Manager

Key Features

  • Electronic Claim Submission to All Accepting Payers Reduces Printing and Mailing
  • Detailed Claim History Notes Automatically Created for Each Claim Activity
  • Build Custom Reports to Analyze Your Unique Billing Issues
  • Simplified Month End Closing Process

Powerful Enough to Handle All Your Needs

The A/R Manager handles the creation of payer claims, claim submission, and payment posting. Many of the customer service activities in HDMS logically flow into the A/R Manager. The system is simple and easy to use, but powerful enough to handle all your complex billing situations. The backbone of A/R Manager is a specialized set of user configured tables designed to handle every billing scenario. An easy-to-use efficient billing workflow means you can focus on the critical areas of your business, such as reducing the days outstanding for payments on both your insurance and private billing.

A Sophisticated Table Structure Means No More Sticky Notes

Submitting the information to an insurer for payment is a highly detailed process that requires a number of options to account for the many variations of claim submission standards. The A/R Manager accommodates each payer’s unique rules with the industry’s most sophisticated table structure making your claim submission to the many payers much simpler and more efficient. This means the billing manager no longer needs sticky notes for each payer exception.

Advanced Data Structure More Accurately Groups Orders, Claims, and Transactions

Universal’s HDMS gives you more accurate complete answers because it utilizes a highly developed data structure capable of storing your detailed data in a more organized manner. Software with older database designs cannot accommodate the growing amounts of additional details payers require for payment. HDMS can account for an unlimited number of payers on each account and allows you to easily manage the cascade of claims submitted throughout the submission and payment process.

In Depth Patient Ledger Helps You See Both Insurance and Private Transactions

In the patient’s ledger you see all the activity on the account in an easy-to-view format. Each item that has been rented or purchased is shown with all the resulting transactions and associated payers. Viewing the ledger helps you to answer any questions the patient has regarding current or past activity. You can easily navigate between various months’ activities and filter completed claims. Private transactions are handled in the same manner as other payers so it is simple to see when the patient becomes responsible for charges and corresponding payments.