Universal Software Solutions provides many answers or solutions to the needs of your business. All of these solutions are part of our Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS). Let's explore more how each piece can solve critical issues in your HME business and help you to save both time and money.


The HDMS CSR (Customer Service Representative) module, features a wizard style workorder entry process, that allows the CSR to enter a new patient order all within a few easy screens.


Universal's Inventory and Warehouse module is a real time, fully integrated product tracking tool that connects directly with all workorders entered and delivered.

A/R Management

A/R Manager is a streamlined billing system that helps the user focus on the billing exceptions and reduces the time taken to submit clean claims.


HDMS integrates with a number of imaging solutions on the market. This allows for the images to be stored, indexed, and retrieved from a number of locations within the application.


Our Compliance module helps you, the provider, ensure claims are ready to be submitted with a complete history of patient compliance.


The HDMS Oxygen module tracks your oxygen deliveries, including the lot number records required by federal guidelines.


HDMS Pharmacy provides all the needs for Pharmacy drugs. Home Infusion entry, mixing, compounding, label generations, and claim submission.

Programmers Toolkits

Our Programmers Toolkit or API Toolkit, is a full set of tools providing you with a gateway to insert and retrieve workorders and confirmed orders ready for billing.

Universal's VendorLink software service provides you a direct connection to vendors for automatic drop shipments and delivery confirmations.

Healthcall Direct for HDMS

Connect with powerful services of HealthCall and you can tap into the automated methods of Automated Patient Outreach