Billing CUSTOM P&O to BCBSM?

As of September 1st, all providers billing custom prosthetics & orthotics to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will be required to submit those claims with a separate CMS accredited PIN. If you are facing this challenge or one like it, here’s how we’d recommend you handle it in HDMS.


STEP 1: Create a New Provider Entry

Create a NEW provider for P&O in the Provider Table and label it as such.  Ex. “Prosthetics/Orthotics- Blue Cross Blue Shield” . Set this up as you would any other provider. Once this is created move to step 2.









STEP 2: Update Payer

In the payer table for the BCBS payer that will be effected, go to the misc settings tab, Select the NEW provider that was just created. Enter the NEW PIN required by BCBS and any other information needed, click, Save.


PLEASE INSTRUCT STAFF: The CSR/Orthotist/QA, will need to pick the new provider when creating/confirming the P&O order, this will send the correct PIN with the claim.


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