Why Universal

Some company’s products are designed to be sold to the largest possible number of people. A few even brag about their client numbers. They want to be the largest, like a well known fast food chain.

At Universal, we not only give you the software tools to make your job a little easier, we also work with you to understand your business. Upon selecting Universal, we work with your staff to build a plan or roadmap for your new workflow. Universal assists you in getting the most out of your new software investment. Our goal is to help you get the answers to problems you so desperately want to solve. The hands on help we provide along with your new Universal HDMS software are all designed to build a real business solution tailored just for you.

The second part of your solution is the selection of software tools. Universal will assist you in choosing the right tools for your business solution. The keystone of Universal software is our HDMS or Healthcare Data Management System. HDMS is comprised of a number of core components such as Customer Service, Inventory, Compliance, and A/R Management. These are elements that all clients require to handle their operation’s daily activities. Some optional companion modules include Document Imaging, Oxygen Contents Tracking and Home IV Pharmacy. These elements may or may not be needed depending on your business preferences.

WhyUNiversalHDMSLogoUniversal’s hands on approach to providing you with the correct software solution is unique to our industry. Software changes are not always easy. Universal is there to guide you and your staff through all stages of the installation, transition and subsequent learning curve required to take your business to the next level.

You might ask, how can Universal spend so much effort on one client?
Universal Software Solutions is not worried about a high volume of sales.
We operate under the philosophy that quality is better than quantity. Our goal is to partner with each individual client to produce a unique software package that provides a complete solution to 100% of their business requirements. Customer satisfaction is tantamount to the success of both our company and yours.