Below are some frequently asked questions


Q: Is your system web based or server based?

A: The Universal HDMS software is server based software that takes advantage of the speed and ease of use found in full software packages. For businesses not wanting or needing their information stored at their site, the software can be ‘hosted’ outside your office, giving you both a professional user interface and the reduction of software server management.

Q: We have a number of locations in a couple different states. Does your system scale up to that size?

A: Yes, Universal HDMS software is structured with a multi-tier architecture. For you, the user, that means your system can scale up to virtually any size operation.

Q: My old system wasn’t really a Windows program. Is this a true Windows ® program?

A: Yes, the software was designed from the ground up as a true Windows application. It was not converted from older text based systems like some less advanced software products.

Q: What kind of database does it store my information on? Can I make my own reports from it?

A: Your data is stored and managed using a Microsoft SQL® database. SQL (pronounced ‘es queue el’ or ‘see qual’) is one of the most widely used and reliable software products in use by many medium to large scale businesses. Making your own reports is a fairly easy task for your technical team. Custom or customer created reports are easily added to your HDMS menu system.

Q: Can I customize the forms I print out of your system?

A: Part of the system’s attraction is the ability to customize it to meet your business’s individual wants, such as forms, that fit your exact needs. The Universal HDMS utilizes the reporting tool Crystal Reports for both forms and paper reports. This means your business can create your own custom reports or have the staff of Universal Software Solutions create one for you.